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A new decade,a new web design. In my memory it is just a short time ago, when i saw a nicely restaurated Golf yellow TII. I drove a E21 316 at that time. This was the car to have!
So it happens, this was the purchase that brought me to a lot off different places as can be seen in the tab "miscellaneous pictures".

Also working on the car evolved. From lying on the street; to replace something underneath the car, till a fully equipted workshop as can be seen in the tab "garage".

I don't care much for car shows but one. The Techno Classica in Essen,Germany. This is a classic car show you must have visited at least one time. You can see some pictures under the tab "techno classica". 

Have fun watching the pictures and driving your 02's. Mark (at bmw2002 dot nl)
and also take a minute to look at our sponsors below ; )

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